About us

Sofa King Medicinal – Masters Of Wellness – Dumont, Colorado!

WOW, what a journey! The power of PASSION and DREAMS!

We present to you Sofa King Medicinal Wellness Products!

Sofa King Medicinal
1181 County Road 308,
Dumont, CO. 80452

It is about a LIFESTYLE. A Movement of Awareness.
This brand will NOT be for everybody. It’s not for uptight, old-school squares. It’s not for skeptics, cynics, or doubters. It’s not for know-it-all weed snobs. It’s not to be “the best”, trying to “beat” everyone. It’s for people that believe in education and a life of FREEDOM, and being truly FREE to live how you want is Sofa King Medicinal!

We are the Masters Of Wellness!

We are here to live life to the fullest and create more joy in the world. We’re gonna have a good time with our friends, serving the world, “shredding” everything in front of us, until we DIE, healthy and happy!

We want to welcome you to our Sofa King Family, originating in Dumont, Colorado!
Join us in this journey, and let’s leave this place better than we found it!

Much Love,
The Sofa King Medicinal Family!

P.S. – If there is any other way we can help you, or you have any feedback for us, please contact Sofa King Fam here!