5 Mistakes Colorado Weed Tourists Make When Shopping Colorado Weed

If you're in Colorado to shop some weed, let's make sure you're "in the know" as a baddass Colorado weed tourist...

Many people may overlook the tiny details, but when you know your stuff, it's pretty damn important to ya... 

Now, we all know about the Colorado weed tourism and all of the health and mood benefits of the meds, and it's so fun to be making history and being part of the "win" against Big Pharma as government tries to take away our freedoms...

But we want to go above and beyond, and leave you with the best experience you can possibly have, as you roll into CO to visit.  So... 

Here's 5 Initial Tips To Avoid Common Mistakes Colorado Weed Tourists Make 

1. Pesticides (too big of warehouses?) : 

Many of the producers have expanded to huge warehouses in order to have a bigger plant count and make more money. 

It is absolutely mind-blowing how much weed these guys can grow and STILL sell out! There is so much demand!

Nothing wrong with wanting to make money, but if it's going to affect people in a negative way, we don't back it. 

In order to control pests on that kind of a level, there's got to be pest control. Things can get out of hand very quickly, and losing one huge batch can mean 1/2 million dollars, literally! 

The growers have no choice but to use more powerful chemicals and harmful pesticides. The problem is, this stuff ends up in your body. 

2. Smoking In Public

It's seems like a great idea to feel "free" and be able to come here and smoke a ton of weed and do what you want, but you would be taking a risk. 

You can still get in a good amount of trouble by not paying attention. Always best to stay on the safe side, and obey the laws. We've been pushing it enough as it is! haha

It's such a better feeling to relax and know you're on the chill side, instead of looking over your shoulder the whole time you're smoking weed trying to be mellow, isn't it? lol

3. Buying Black Market

Ok, every one has their own beliefs here, but the fact is, we are making history, right now, as we speak...

We love the fact that you can actually go into a store and buy weed now. 

Yes, many people have moved here and grow their own weed to sell, straight from their home, and have licenses, but then once you cut it down and start selling it to "whoever", it goes into that "dark" area. 

Totally fine, but again, why chance it when you can finally relax and be FREE and legal! 

4. Cheezy Gear

Now, we know that "weed tours" are big in Colorado now, and everyone wants a "weed shirt/souvenir", but really, you still gotta have some STEEZ... 

Don't just grab any stale weed shirt from some flavorless shop that only cares to make money with the "weed thing"... 

If you're like us and really back the movement, know the story behind everything, and back the ones that are really down for the cause. We are here to fight Big Pharma and anyone else who work for greed and taking our freedoms away. 

We're here to spread the awareness, and use Marijuana as a platform to educate, enlighten, and spread the love! 

And if you really want the steeziest Colorado swag, this shirt HERE is what REALLY UP

5. Know Who's In It For The Passion

When we first stepped into Colorado, we saw a ton of running around scrambling for money type people. They had weaknesses because they either didn't know much about growing quality plants, or didn't have much of a story behind them except wanting to make money. 

This is exactly why we decided to step in and fill the void. 

You can tell by the flower we produce with love, and the passion behind what we do, that we are SO FUCKING MEDICINAL for the soul! 

There a many stores for weed tourists to shop, but there are not many who are the real deal. If you're all about the med, you'll be able to see right through the fakes! 

Come see us, up in Dumont, on your way to your Colorado mountain experience! Which leads us to.... 

*** A BONUS MISTAKE : Not going snowboarding:

If you came to Colorado, then you BETTER be coming up to the Rocky Mountains to experience what CO is about! 

We hope you come riding, and you better stop by the shop to pick us up! 

We actually give free joints for carpooling, and you can even park in our parking lot to take one car! Stop in, and seriously, we may just end up rolling with you for a session! 

And of course, we'll do a "safety meeting" in the secrets huts we have up there! 

Hope this was valuable for you as you're doing the Colorado weed tourist thing. We hope to see you soon! 

The Sofa King Family!