Freedom or DEATH!

Are we really FREE in America?

Most people think they are “free” here in the U.S., but are we really?
Many people are actually SLAVES.
They are slaves to bad health, taxes, money, etc…
Many people have “dis-eases” that are eased with medicinal marijuana, but are treated like criminals by the old school uneducated traditionalists that watch a lot of TV and still think marijuana is “harmful”.
We believe freedom is a choice! A mindset. Knowledge is not so muchpower, but more the ability to free yourself with ACTIONS you take, moving out of your own comfort zone and LIVING! We believe your health is your wealth, and wealth is not measured in money — It’s measured in quality of life!

At Least We’re Free In Colorado

Luckily, we do have the freedom to move here to Colorado, (where sensible people are a little more forward-thinking), and we are here to spread this Awareness!!
So if you believe in the enlightened lifestyle and true freedom like we do, please join us and stay updated!
Welcome to the Sofa King fam!

Much love, M!

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