The Birth Of A Culture

Are you in some sort of a CULT?

LOL! I love when people ask funny questions! It all comes down to education. Hate comes from FEAR, and fear comes from “fear of the unknown”. So in order to stop fear, all we have to do is make the “unknown” the KNOWN! So this is what we’re going to do:

We are going to BUILD and GROW a “cult”! hahaha! That is short for CULTURE, in case you didn’t catch that! 

We believe in freedom. Free thinkers!
Enlightenment, Awareness, Education, and ACTION to pay it forward!
It’s time to take it to the “next level” and LIVE OUT LOUD!

Are you ready?

It’s time to stop taking people’s “word for it”. It’s time to erase everything you’ve been programmed for, if you’ve been programmed by the wrong people. It’s time to get open-minded and grow to listen to YOURSELF. So who’s opinions have you been listening to? Who do you take advice from? Are they successful in the area they’re giving advice for? If not, I wouldn’t listen to them. It’s always the ones that know the least who TALK THE MOST. They never know much because if you’re always talking, then you’re not listening. And you can not listen and talk at the same time, so that means you’re not ever LEARNING anything! If you’ve been told things that didn’t make sense to you, make sure to get another opinion. Get many different perspectives so you can make your OWN opinion, and then fight for what you believe in!

If you believe in FREEDOM, then stay posted. We are just getting started!

Much love, M!

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