Best Weed In Colorado? What Does That Mean To YOU?

Everyone says “mine is the best weed in Colorado!”, but are you really worried about that?

When we first had the vision to come to CO and be “the best of the best”, we had one goal in mind. We wanted to be the movement of Awareness and Education. But now, as we get more into the actual building, growing, and distributing of our wellness, we are fully aware of what the many other people/businesses in the industry care about. Hint: (It’s cold hard cash!). This is a problem…

When your main motivation is to make money, you’ll cut corners to “stay ahead” of others. Now we’ve seen some of the tactics these “big growers” are using to get people ultra high, and what they use to get rid of pests, grow “weed” faster, stronger, etc… It’s not pretty.

When you are inhaling marijuana smoke, it is the pretty much the same as when you’re in the shower, aspirating the steam. If there is any trace of  chemicals, (chlorine, fluoride,etc.), in the tap water, (which there is), it is going straight into your lungs and into the blood stream, circulating all throughout your body. This is extremely harmful over time and actually causes Disease.
Same with medical marijuana — If there are traces of heavy metals, pesticides, etc., or any other man-made chemicals when you’re growing it, it will come into your system and do harm. So yes, it may be “good weed” and get you “extra high”, but if you’re going to be inhaling it, shouldn’t you demand it to be as CLEAN and PURE?
It is not truly “medicinal” if it causes harm or dis-ease to your system!

So what’s the exact process for “the best weed in Colorado”?

A good question to ask your local shop is, “Hey, what do you use to keep the bugs away?”. If they are reluctant to answer, then you know it’s probably not good.
Some of these “dirty little secrets” we’ve discovered in the industry is the process these guys use, that is actually harmful to our environment and community. Do you know what happens to the water, or the waste? The chemicals end up going downstream, again, causing harm.
Our beliefs are that if you’re really going to be in this industry, you should be ALL IN, meaning you’re really part of the movement for change, and impacting the world, leaving it better than you found it! 

Let’s not be a product of our environment. Join the movement and let’s make our environment a product of US! 

The World Is Yours! M

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