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I used to be extremely ignorant on Cannabis & Hemp.

I also used to hate eating mushrooms when my mom told me to eat my vegetables. Good thing I grew to know better.
Because of media campaigns to smear a natural medicine and scare the public, we fell victim to think that Marijuana and/or Cannabis was just some ridiculous “illegal drug” that makes you dumb and slow. We didn’t like the fact that it made you “feel better” or “happy”, as I overlooked the medical value of the plant itself.
After watching this eye-opening video, you may be upset that you’ve been tricked by greedy corporations and government to not know any better. Now, find out THE TRUTH…

After you’ve learned to open your mind and search for knowledge and truth, it will just blow your mind how, (after you dig into the history and research), you always seem to find the conspiracy and greed behind the criminalization of (natural) things that can help people.
Did you know:

Prescription drugs are currently responsible for more deaths annually than “illegal” drugs? (,0,2980747.story#sthash.CLOSxOPh.dpuf )

This “war on drugs” should be pointing to the ones that cause the MOST fatalities and health problems, shouldn’t it?

Did you know:

If you want to be a highly paid scientist/drug company, you go to a place where there is a lack of a certain dis-ease and find out what they are eating… Then you identify what it is that helps or “cures” a dis-ease, you isolate it, and then you attempt to make a synthetic “copy” of it so you can secure a PATENT. Only then will you be able to be the EXCLUSIVE seller of that synthetic “DRUG”, making big money with Big Pharma. As a business, you wouldn’t make any huge money off of something NATURAL because you can’t patent anything natural that isn’t man made.
This is why “they” don’t want you to know about the benefits of Medical Marijuana or Hemp Oils. It takes millions of dollars out of their heavy pockets.
Again – in order to be patented so you can be the exclusive seller, it has to be man-made! Now this is why man made drugs have all the side affects – it is NOT NATURAL. The body does not know how to deal with the foreign substance. So now they make even more drugs to cover up those harsh symptoms of long term use of those “legal” drugs that an MD puts you on, and you are now caught in their “Health Care” system until you die! They’ll never get to the root of your problem and give you a “cure” – they would lose billions if they did that! The pharmaceutical corporations want you on the long term consumption of a drug, (getting you by FOR THE DAY), sucking money from you for the rest of your struggling life. This is why most educated alternative Health Care Professionals call it the complete opposite – The Sickness Care system.
Here’s yet another documentary on Cannabis and it’s impact on Human Health…

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Think about it:
Why would they want you to be HEALTHY, if they only get paid when you’re SICK?

Now, why is there is a DRUG STORE waiting on just about every corner for you? Because they LOVE for you to NOT eat your raw fruits and vegetables and take your supplements to be healthy. That is the faster you’re going to get a Dis-ease, where you’ll fall into their system.

Want even more TRUTH about CANNABIS? Here’s another one:

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Here’s to your freedom! M…