So Many Things Are Sofa King Medicinal For The Soul. Here’s 5 Steps We Found To Be Effective

1. Finding out your WHY:
They say the two most important times in your life are the day you were born, and the day you find out WHY you were born.
I never used to know, until I learned how to add value to the world. Struggling and pushing through the barriers that held me back was not only medicinal for my soul, but very valuable because now I can help others that are going through the exact same stuff that I did. When you “pay it forward” and help others, it is the best feeling in the world! Many times that leads you directly into your WHY – your purpose for being on Earth. So f*cking medicinal! Once you figure out your why, you’ll be self motivated enough to figure “how” you’re going to do what you must do to get “what you want”!

2. Finding your PASSION, and making the time for it:
Most of us are programmed for “go to school get a job” and go for the “safe secure” route of making money. For most people, going for the money (instead of following your passion) leads to burn out and a miserable feeling of being caught in the Rat Race. When I finished high school and wasn’t going to college right away, my Dad sneered at me, saying “what the hell are you going to do with that skateboard? You need to go to school and get a JOB”. He seriously thought he was helping me, but he almost crushed every dream I ever had. If I would have listened to him and done what I was told, I’d be stuck in some building, slaving away indoors making someone else rich right now! Instead, I went for my passion, and ended up being a professional snowboarder for over 17 years, traveling the world with tons of money and freedom! This is because if you LOVE what you DO, then you’ll do it a lot, and you won’t need a boss to make you do work! You’ll be self-motivated and get skilled at your passion, and then you’ll be in the money with your specialized skills! So go for the PASSION, forget the money! It will be so “medicinal” when you’re getting paid to do what you LOVE! That is success!

3. Focus on others: (Be the solution, or part of it!):
Many of us are so worried about ourselves, going to work and back, paying bills, and staying afloat, that we don’t realize the problems we are creating, unconsciously. Even doing “nothing” is being part of the problem! So as long as we are searching for solutions, serving others and the world, and aware of some of the products we purchase, utilize, and consume, we can do something about it! Try to take even one step per month to learn another step on how we can serve others, save our planet, and reverse the damage we’ve done with plastics, waste, natural resources,etc.. Feeling good about what you’re doing is very medicinal for the soul. Even if you don’t realize it on the surface, your soul will thank you for your energy in the long run. Focusing on yourself is never a better feeling that focusing on others. It’s not just a catchy phrase:
“Help enough OTHER people get what they want, and you’ll inevitably get what you want!”

4. Eat right:
If you don’t put the right fuel in your body, you will feel crappy and your body will run like sh*t – (same as a vehicle if you put the wrong fuel in the tank. It will run like crap, if it even runs at all. Even if it’s a brand new vehicle.)
Like they say: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  Well instead of looking for a drug/pill to “cure” you after you torture your body with bad lifestyle and eating habits, just have good eating habits and you’ll see how it is Sofa King Medicinal to have the energy you need to LIVE!

5. Block time out to LIVE – not just “exist”:
You wouldn’t believe it, but marking out your calendar is sofa king medicinal!
I confess, I used to catch myself being so anxious chasing money, bills, work, and taking care of everyone, that I would skip some of the fun stuff I could be doing with family and friends. When I changed my habits to block the time (for both work and play) into my calendar, things changed. Instead of being 50% at work and getting less done, I was 100% present and focused, so I got it all done faster. Then I had more time for family and living, and I am 100% in the moment (instead of being “half there” for them and myself, thinking about work)!
When you make time to get out there and create new experiences, it is SO worth it, every time! Just by being disciplined, blocking out your calendar for both work and play, you are able to be PRESENT in the moment! By going hard while you’re getting your work done, you are able to create even more time and have time blocked out for playing hard!

So, here at Sofa King, all of us are snowboarders. It’s an extraordinary feeling to surf the snow, jump all over the mountain into plumes of powder, and charge the mountain with your friends! You’re will forget everything about the daily grind and just go nuts!

Make sure to stop by on the way to the hill – let’s all go together this next season! Wooohoooo!! M…