Why Road Ragers Need Sofa King Medicinal, And How It Saves Lives!

Hmmm, Maybe Some People SHOULD Be Driving “Under The Influence”!

Now, before you get all upset, this is just more of a funny thought…
I just had some super funny experiences on the road, driving up and back from Dumont today. Since the day I moved back to Colorado, I have noticed how many drivers in Colorado think it’s some kind of competition, or if they “let you in”, they “lose” their spot or something! hahahaha!  There are also some pretty good Road Ragers as well!
So, before I came back to Colorado, I would kindly put on my blinker to ask if someone would let me in, and most of them would, because they are nice! People are generally nice and easy.
However, because of the scarce mentality here in Colorado driving, I have now formed this habit of putting on my blinker just to test and see if the driver behind me and in the next lane speeds up or actually lets me in.  I no longer “ask” permission to get over, I just go, but my analysis is shocking. About 95% of them actually SPEED UP so I can’t get in front of them! hahahha! What is that?
It doesn’t really bother me though, because I just come over anyway, and then they’re REEAALLY mad, and follow me real close, and then speed around me to “pass me up” and get back in front me, as though I “took their place”!hahaha!

What’s my point?

Well, when people are driving under the influence of alcohol, people are killed. When road ragers are uptight and stressed out, they also want to kill, and it happens all the time. I actually used to have some pretty good Road Rage too, but then I invested in myself and grew to control my emotions with a lot of self development books and seminars.  Many people aren’t so great at controlling their emotions, and actually allow those other drivers to have control of their emotions, getting all angry and what not! This is where “relaxing” with medical marijuna comes in..

The “Cure” For Road Rage?

It’s not just in the movies, but everyone knows that being Sofa King Medicinally relaxed makes everything better, including the roads! And that makes me believe WAY less people would be killed!
I am 1000% that if people were Sofa King medicated, they would want to “let us in” the damn lane too, and this would change this uptight Colorado driving forever!

So let’s go drivers, what do ya think? hahahaha!

Much love, M!