WARNING!!! Medicinal Marijuana VS. Wellness: Scary Stuff

The Opposite Of Wellness -

I’ll never forget being there on the side of the bed in the hospital when my grandma died…
About 30 years too early.
Seems like just a few years ago, (20 actually, lol), that not a lot of my friends or family were developing Cancer, Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, etc..
Today, it’s 1 in 2 males, and 1 in 3 women, will develop a form of Cancer. CRAZY!
86% of people will now either develop Heart Disease or Cancer, and we are pretty damn ticked off about all of that!
The sad truth is: 
Nobody pays attention until something BAD happens, and only then do they want to start investing into their health and wellness, but many times, it’s too late…
Sadly, most people have the notion that, “Ah nah, that’ll never happen tomeeee!”, but those are exactly the ones that the bad things happen to.
We’ve seen in some of these documentaries, (where these people have developed Cancer), also thought “I didn’t think it would ever happen tome..”, but then you see them consuming tons of toxic “food-like” products and snacks instead of naturally grown food!

Scary Stuff

When I was 31, my health hit a major brick wall too:
I was a professional athlete and thought my career was over. It was a horrible time in my life. I had fatigue problems, sleeping problems, joint pain, etc. My health was a total mess after 16 years of wear and tear on my body and a lot of exercise, (oxidation).
The problem: I was not giving myself the ANTI-oxidation protection my body needed from fruits, vegetables, and supplements (which fight Dis-ease). BTW, athletes actually age twice as fast because they are oxidizing at hyper speed, sucking up all that oxygen! That extra oxidative stress on your body and on the cells leads unstable mutated cells called Free Radicals. Free Radicals are basically the beginning of all Dis-ease. And you know how your cells duplicate millions of times a day inside your body? Well if they’re duplicating as Free Radicals, you’re in trouble!

The Importance Of Investing In Yourself

Now think about this:
How many RAW servings of fruits and vegetables did you eat today, or every day, as a lifestyle? One, three, four? Did you know that the government has now raised the amount of recommended servings (3-5), to  7-9 servings per day? Now, for optimal health, we know that you should be eating 9-13 servings of uncooked fruits and vegetables to remove yourself from the Dis-ease categories by at least 30%. Did you do that today? How about yesterday? So should you wonder why you don’t have energy and may end up in the hospital? (The Sickness Care System).
I have a nutritionist friend who says:
“You’re either gonna pay now (by investing in your health), or you’re going to pay later, (by going into Bankruptcy from medical bills) – but either way you’re gonna pay!
Did you know:
The number one reason for Bankruptcy today, is medical bills?
So now, hopefully you’re thinking twice about the “oh that’ll never happen to me” talk going on inside your head, eh?

An Ounce Of Prevention Is Worth More Than A Pound Of “Cure”

One day a friend went way out of her way to teach me about Wellness. I discovered that I was a statistic, living like most people live. I began changing my lifestyle, consuming super foods and supplements, every single day.
What happened? Well it’s pretty crazy:
My joint pains are gone, I have energy, I sleep ridiculously well now, and I seriously feel like I’m 21 again.
Skeptical? Try it, we dare you!
I discovered that what you put into your mouth really DOES matter!
I believe I have now effectively removed myself from every disease category by at least 30% by changing my lifestyle and getting what my body needed to fight Dis-ease, every day. Now I actually live to pay it forward and spread this valuable information to others, and I believe I save lives every single day!

Funny how most of the time “Disease” isn’t really a Disease at all – it is a DIS-EASE, (the body is not at ease), simply because of long term malnutrition! Your body is designed to heal itself, so it is logical that once your body has the materials it needs to heal itself, your “signs and symptoms of aging” can be reversed!

The Problem With CBD “Miracle Cures” –CAUTION !!!

Now, today there is an absolute flood of information all over the internet about the “quick cures” associated with cannabis, CBD, oils, our cannabinoid system, etc., but I recently watched another documentary where the Cancer patients get their hopes all up, and didn’t get the results they were looking for. Some died because the “miracle cure” they were hoping for didn’t work.
This was very sad to see, especially when there’s information out there that could have maybe yielded different results.
What you must know is:
You can NOT just eat crap all the time and then expect to take some “CBD miracle plant extract” to “fix” you once you develop sickness. Furthermore, you should not only try one (or just a few) strategies. You must be open to any and all options and opinions, and hit the solutions from all sides.
Most Dis-ease is developed, over a long period of time, so it takes time to un-develop it too. Yes, you may be able to UN-develop it too, but only if you’re hitting it from all angles, and completely changing your lifestyle. A ton of variables/combinations of solutions must be in order. At the very least, you must get rid of the toxins, stress, smoke, bad environment, preservatives, pesticides, solvents, cleaners, chlorine, etc. You must consume your raw fruits and vegetables, live enzymes, phytochemicals, phytonutrients, anti-oxidants, etc., into your body, all through the day, every day. Now, we can not claim or call that a “cure”, but it’s just funny how once you get the nutrition and raw material into your body that it needed to heal itself, your symptoms of malnutrition can reverse! lol ! hmmmm..!!

So What’s The Difference Between “Taking Medicine” And Being Masters Of Wellness?

The difference is knowledge, awareness, education, discipline, and ACTION! We are not simply Sofa King Medicinal. Yes, we grow some very potent plants that are Sofa King Medicinal to the soul, but we also consider ourselves The Masters Of Wellness, by taking action, paying it forward, and impacting the world! We love our clients and customers, and we want to hit Wellness on all fronts, helping everyone, and being part of the solution to make this a better world for all!
So let’s DO THIS! Spread this awareness with us, and let’s change lives, one by one!
Eat right, get sleep, exercise, have fun, and stay high on life with us!
We’ll see you soon,
The Sofa King Fam