Ever Felt Weird Wearing Your “Medicinal Marijuana” Shirt In Public?

Who Else Represents The Movement?

This was really starting to bug me. It was crazy to me that I could easily wear a “beer” or “brewery” shirt out in public, (while strolling around with my 2-year old baby), and nobody will look at me funny. But I swear, if I had some Medicinal Marijuana T-shirt on, or something with the “green cross” that identifies I’m part of the “weed” industry, some people would look at me sideways, then look at my baby, and automatically think that I smoke weed around him, or that I’m an “irresponsible loser person guy”! lol!
Has anyone else ever feel like this when in public?
We would love to hear your thoughts and comments at the bottom…

Time To Represent The Movement Of Education and Awareness

Our goal with Sofa King Medicinal is to spread awareness and education on the power and benefits of this 3000 year-old medicine, and make huge changes, impacting this world, one by one. We believe in FREEDOM, and that is not just on a surface level, but also on the subconscious level. Knowledge sets us free. We believe we are making history, and being part of the Wellness Revolution!

So honk if you believe the same thing, and we appreciate you so much for your support and being Sofa King Aware!
Now, if you believe what we believe, please share any valuable content you see on this blog. And if you’re about the movement and making history, here’s some shirts you can represent with! Woot woot! !
We’ll see you in the mountains soon!

The World Is Yours,
Sofa King Fam

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