If Bernie Sanders Is Looking To Stomp Marijuana Prohibition, I’m Feelin’ The Bern Too!

You Feelin’ The Bern?

We see that Presidential contender Bernie Sanders supports ending the federal marijuana prohibition. Pretty damn sweet of him! At a town hall in Fairfax, Virginia, Bernie announced that a bill will remove the federal marijuana prohibition and take it off the list of federally controlled substances, allowing states to set their own policies and regulate it without federal interference. Of course we know the direction this is all headed, but how cool it is to be part of the movement! We are making history right now! Woot woot!

“Too many Americans have seen their lives destroyed because they have a criminal record as a result of marijuana use,” Sanders said in prepared remarks for the event. “That’s wrong. That has got to change.”

There are a lot of celebs and a ton of other influential people and groupls that are starting to notice Bernie’s forward thinking, and are backing him to the fullest.

(Of course) there is Martin O’Malley, a democrat, has called for marijuana to be placed on Schedule II, but not Sanders who says deschedule.
I would ask you, “what are your thoughts?”, but we already know! You’re down with the movement!

This new plan Sanders has will not make our medicine legal in the states, but it will dispose of old ass federal interference for states and allow us to choose for ourselves.  It will also allow our medicinal businesses to use the financial services we need, and let us take tax deductions that are unavailable for us currently, under federal law….

Sanders is also allied with the national public opinion on this topic.  This support for legalization consistently polled over 50% over the last few years.  A Gallup poll this month showed support at 58%. This is the highest level yet, and of course getting better every year!
(Make sure to be involved at the greatest level you can, to ensure this keeps going up OK?!)

The deputy director of national affairs, Michael Collins, for the Drug Policy Alliance, just announced:

“Clearly Bernie Sanders has looked at the polls showing voter support for marijuana legalization,” and continued with, “Marijuana reform was already moving forward in Congress but we expect this bill to give reform efforts a big boost.”

Yes, it seems it’s always just talk, but we are getting closer every day. As long as we keep this classy, clean, and respectable, we are all doing our part to make history. This is our time, this is our life of freedom, and we have the power to create our limitless freedom and abundance!

This legalization of marijuana is a hot topic of late as more and more people feel that is should be allowed. This natural plant is a game changing medicine for so many families moving to Colorado, and we thank you for your precious support on every level!

Let us know your thoughts on this issue, and if you want to help with the representation, grab a shirt HERE, because we are:

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Photo credit: YTIMG